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Purpose of establishment

Legal basis : Article 66 of the Radio Regulation Law

It aims to contribute to the increase and expansion of radio use among people and promotion of the broadcasting, telecommunication, and the radio industries by effectively managing the radio spectrum, promoting the advancement of broadcasting, telecommunication, and the radio spectrum industries, and implementing businesses, including entrusted projects from the government, and implementing manpower development.
Major business

Convergence of the broadcasting and telecommunication industries

  • Establishes promotion plans for the advancement and convergence of the broadcasting, telecommunication, and radio industries;
  • Encourages the Green Certification system and secures the rights of the neglected members of society to access broadcasting services;
  • Supports the acceleration and strengthening of the digital switch;
  • Promotes the broadcasting industry through production support for the Korean broadcasting service and contents overseas;
  • Operates the machine-to-machine support center and media center for viewers; and
  • Supports a comprehensive broadcasting infrastructure system through the construction of the digital broadcasting-content support center.

Management of a reasonable spectrum resource

  • Establishes and adjusts medium- and long-term plans for the radio spectrum-test business;
  • Examines construction completion, conducts regular check-up, and revisits permits of radio stations;
  • Measures electromagnetic wave strength of a radio station and provides information about its effects to the human body;
  • Establishes the plan for the implementation of the national technical qualifications and conducts a comprehensive management of the plan; and
  • Conducts tests for national qualifications (technical), issues licenses, provides training and seminars for qualification and ensures communications security.

Practice-oriented policy research

  • Promotes studies on the laws, systems, and policies in the field of domestic and overseas broadcasting, telecommunications, radio spectrum, and the convergence industry;
  • Promotes research and development on frequency resource and compensation for its loss;
  • Promotes research on frequency resource management policy;
  • Promotes research on convergence and content policy for the strengthening of the smart media industry; and
  • Promotes research and development on policies and measures for the broadcasting, telecommunications, and radio spectrum industries.

1Realization of exemplary management system between businesses

  • Establishes management objectives and strategies;
  • Exercises ethical management and CSR activities;
  • Acts according to the National Assembly and international cooperation and establishes, constructs, and manages plans for the information system; and
  • Assesses government management and promotes and manages according to performance evaluation.